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Qibali Road, Moshang Road is not easy to follow, even if someone pays attention to Xiao Songs movements, he will not pay attention to such a remote farm as Ran Mansion.

opened the door in a thunderous manner and pulled the driver out, knocking his head on the body With a loud boom, the little brother immediately fell down softly.

In Jiang Lis view, in order to get rid of this mysterious organization, he must climb high enough Only if his position is high enough and the power in his hands is large enough to get rid of this mysterious organization Regarding this, Jiang Li is convinced and extremely confident.

A big man, only dare to hide behind a woman when he meets danger? A joke, if this is spread, they will not even have the face to meet their ancestors.

Lin Feng suddenly lowered his head, and pushed his head against this guys fist With a bang, Lin Fengs head was hit by this guys fist without any surprise, but what followed was a clear click sound.

Ran Yan hesitated for a moment, and got up and followed As soon as I went out, I hea